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More Love
More Laughter

Choosing To Connect To...

Now is the time to shine. Go in and you can find it.
Connection to the light. Connection to the light of me...
And a zillion other people. Humming on the same tune.
Singin' baby ~ set your soul free! Rise Up! Rise Up!
kRi & Hettie, from their album Move Me
Hey, It's Michelle, your Laughter Muse. As my site develops, you'll find more information in "ABOUT" regarding the work I do with team building and special events. Until then please feel free to send me an email with any questions.
For now, I just want to thank you for being here... thank you for reading this. (I choose to believe you ARE reading this... and we're two good friends, connecting, chatting, sharing. This is how my mind works...and Yes, I DO have a vivid imagination.) 
Let's chat! My tools, strategy and techniques can help you Rise Up! and Find Your Way Back to living a Big Bold Happy Life!
Ellen Shares
The Benefits
Of Laughter
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